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Handmade Dog Collars Made In Sunny Brighton

A big whiskery welcome to Scrufts Handmade Dog Collars designed and created by the sea in my Sunny Brighton studio. Handmade dog collars and leads. British made using glorious fabrics. Tweed dog collars are a favourite. Tweeds to corduroy & Liberty prints. Designer dog collars UK. 10% OFF Your First Order.  And it’s an especially big welcome to both old new customers as this is my (gulp) tenth anniversary year ! Break out the champers and extra expensive dog biscuits I say …

Tweed dog collars are beautiful and timeless and I love making contemporary and traditional designs. It’s hard to remember those hazy days back in 2008 when making dog collars and leads was a bit of a hobby which has now turned into my life.  And I love it.  Here I sit happily sewing with Florrie the Sussex Spaniel and Elmer and Noodles the JRTs, happily sourcing fabrics from around the world and crafting them into handmade dog collars for your whiskery chums. For they are my inspiration, those dogs of mine and a very nice one too.   From my Harris Tweed dog collars made with the fabulous fabric handwoven in the Isle of Harris, to the Swiss Velvet dog collars and leads to my many contemporary florals, stripes and spots, I hope you find all of my dog collars and leads a feast for the eyes as I’m all about colour.  And, of course, our dogs’ safety is paramount so everything I make is triple sewn and I use only the best hardware available.
Christmas Dog Collars & Leads
Scrufts Christmas dog collars and leads are designed to give you that special holiday glow and make you smile and are totally unique to Scrufts, so you won’t find them anywhere else. From partying hounds, to grazing reindeer there will be the perfect design for you and your whiskers chums. A Scrufts Christmas dog collar or lead is Velvet Lined and comes with a festive bow and jingling bell so you can track down the dog in the pile of wrapping paper!  Find your perfect Christmas goodies Here
I really hope you enjoy your shopping experiences at Scrufts, so make a brew, grab a digestive or two and take your time choosing some new togs for your whiskery chum.  Welcome!
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