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I thought that today was a good day, it being the beginning of COP26, to reinforce the ethics surrounding Scrufts and our carbon pawprint !

From the get go I’ve been all about sourcing as much as I possibly can within our shores. It’s not always easy.  Little did I know when I was doing my art GCE in the 1960’s (yes, I am that old) and designing a logo for an injection moulding company that a huge part of my life these days is the acquisition of my collar clasps.  Put quite simply we don’t actually make them in the UK and mine come in from the USA;  if they were made in the UK, then I would be very happy.   However, my metal hardware is all made in the crucible of everything metal, namely the West Midlands. My webbing is also UK made, the fibres coming from Greece.  Just lately I’ve had enormous issues getting hold of colours I absolutely love. They’re from Abbey England in Cheshire (the Queen’s saddlery dont’cha know and also family run). This because the fibres for the webbing are an off shoot of the airline industry which has flatlined for the last 18th months.  All those new planes with their seat belts jut haven’t been built ! Now on to how to be as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable Fabrics

One of my most favourite sustainable fabrics is the beautiful Harris Tweed. This when steamed, still smells of lanolin and I love that connection to the land.  I also find it incredible that each tweed is woven by the same families in their crofts who stick to their own colours and designs. Very occasionally one of my favourite checks will be out of stock because “it hasn’t come down from the weaver yet” … imagine that as a way of life.   I also use t’Yorkshire tweed having found a supplier who has a great palette of colours ( see my Cadbury Tweed Bow Tie Collar and Lead which is so buttery soft ) and I wonder if any of their fibres originate from the flocks run by the inspirational Amanda Owen from Ravenseat Farm (@yorkshireshepherdess).  If you haven’t yet discovered Amanda and her brood of “just getting on with it” kids, then please do.  Oh to be a younger woman and have her job.   There are also now many independent UK based fabric designers popping up making printed cottons such as Dashwood, Clara Hawkins and Lewis & Irene and I do love their style.  And of course, that absolute classic that is Liberty of London and their timeless classic fabric designs of which I use quite a few!  My fave ?  Why, it has to be Strawberry Thief in all its wonderful colourways.

Scrufts Cadbury Tweed Dog Collar with Velvet Lining

Click here for more of Scrufts Tweed Dog Collars & Leads

Recently I’ve managed to find packaging made from grass which actually smells like grass when you open the box !  Who would have imagined that even ten years ago ?  I am also still a faithful user of the Royal Mail as don’t trust any of the courier services … you know the ones !  My local Post Office has the best staff I’ve ever encountered, always cheerful and helpful even when things are mad at Christmas!

Living Lightly

Short of pedalling my sewing machine I try very hard to live my life as lightly as possible.  I’m considering swopping to an electric vehicle in the new year. It suddenly seems a much easier prospect. And with a much smaller life as a result of the last two years, it seems the responsible thing to do.  My already paltry mileage has dropped to about 400 miles a month so why not ?  There’s a new company on the street called where you can rent an EV with models from tiny Renault Zoe’s up to the very expensive Tesla but there’s no maintenance, charging fees, insurance (!)  so do check them out.

Christmas Designs

Whilst I’m here …. as it’s 1/11 I think I can now ring the virtual bell and let you all know that my Christmas dog collars are on the website for your perusal.  There are a few more to come (because I can never decide which to launch first!). So lots of choice and what a nice treat for your bestie beastie and their besties.

Time for a quick cuppa before we walk up to the Post Office with all of today’s makes. Bothering quite a few skittering squirrels as we go !

TTFN Joy xx


Scrufts Jolly Jingles Christmas Dog CollarScrufts Jolly Christmas Bow Tie Dog CollarScrufts Foxie Christmas Dog Collar


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  1. Seraphim says:

    Hi Joy
    Wonderful diverse choice at Scrufts and beautifully designed, crafted and lovingly made.
    Thank you

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