Springtime Ready Designs And A Dotty 20% Discount On All Polka Dots ( For 1 month ) at Scrufts!

Sitting at my sewing machine this morning, that old currant bun has just started to peep over the roof next door sending a warm bath of sunlight my way. The squirrels are happily munching on my selection of luxury nuts. The dogs are snoozing in a toasty sunbeam and I can see the roses beginning […]

There must be happy juggling rabbits somewhere …

… as today we have lost four, yes count them, four borlies!!  I ask you, who’d have profligate jack russell terriers, who have eyes for rabbits, but not where they drop their balls.  Most afternoons my ‘conversation’ consists of ‘where’s the borlie then?’, or ‘who’s got the borlie?’, followed by me yelling ‘you little s*****, that’s […]