Christmas Dog Collars Buy one.

Christmas Dog Collar

Christmas Dog Collars

Treating your whiskery chum to a Scrufts Christmas Dog Collar has to be one of the nicest ways to show your love. Especially your love for the festive season.

We take the selection of our fabrics very seriously and there are so many variables ! To start with the pattern has to be perfectly formed, the colours have to be a festival of vibrant hues. Most importantly, has to be unique to a Scrufts Christmas dog collar.

We like to source fabrics from all over the world. We generally start the Christmas Dog Collar Quest around September as. Sure as eggs is eggs, someone will ask us for a festive dog collar around the 29th ! You are an eager lot. A Scrufts Christmas dog collar is lined with lux red velvet. This reflects the mood of the season. Generally finished with a jingly Bell, a Scrufts collar charm and a traditional tartan bow.

For Christmas 2018, we are using an array of beautiful fabrics. Featuring elves, reindeer, sparkly snowflakes, penguins and, of course, Christmas trees ! In fact, there will be about twelve different Christmas dog collar designs so you can get your chums together and choose a different Christmas dog collar each and imagine how jolly your dogs will look meeting up in the park, jingling merrily away as they rush around greeting each other.

A Scrufts Christmas dog collar will also make a super present for your best friend and his or her hound. Here at Scrufts we have three dogs of our own who like to lend a paw to the creative process and are our charming young house models and muses. If a Scrufts Christmas dog collar looks great on them, then we know that our loyal and discerning customer crew will love them too.


Christmas Dog Collars

Christmas Dog Collars

2 thoughts on “Christmas Dog Collars Buy one.

  1. Jill Stoddart says:

    Hi Joy

    Received Dizzy and Rascals tartan collars, bow ties and leads…..all ready for Xmas spiffing day.

    I will highly recommend your beautiful work to all, I’ve bought from other sites before, and they are no where near your quality, design, look, style and fab service. So glad I’ve found you….l I will be back! Will send DizzyRascal photo Xmas day…..

    Thanks again, absolutely thrilled
    Jill & DizzyRascal

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