Dogs, dogs, dogs everywhere !

Christmas Dog Collar Northern Lights
Dogs, dogs, dogs everywhere ! I don’t know about you, but I have a fairly well tuned eye to the presence of a handsome dog onscreen and just lately, well, they’re ubiquitous. TV ads seem to have cottoned on big time, but it’s taken ages since the first Dulux dog first bounded onto the stage in, oh it must have been, the late sixties I think and around then big hairy sheepdogs were the thing, along with the rarely seen Afghan hound. Who can remember the last time they saw either of those breeds ? Until recently I hadn’t seen one for years but now, here in Brighton, we have two very well coiffed Afghans and one giant, fluffy, young sheepdog, all regulars at the local puppy park, where there’s also one of my new childhood favourites, Brian the Griffon. Now, he always raised a big grin as he resembles an Ewok. Yes, he does, Honest. Jut look at the photo featured in this blog and you’ll see what I mean. I loved him so much that I used him to model one of my Christmas 2017 collars. But basically, when there’s a dog in an ad, it’s generally responsible for mess, lots of mess. The Dulux dog muddily shaking it up, those poor chaps who jump all over sofas too numerous to mention, but they all (of course) need a good clean up, and now the lonesome Martin Freeman has even grown a dog in the latest Vodafone ads. We’ll gloss over the Bakers dog food ads as, well we all KNOW about Bakers don’t we …. ahem. … And then there are the magazines. I love Living mag and every month there are dogs in ads for upmarket stylish furniture and the family whose beautifully stylish home is featured almost always has a dog. Or two. I guess I should ask them if they’d give me a bit of a feature in their shopping pages ! Right, we’re off to the park for a bit of breed spotting … enjoy your day Sruffties 🙂

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