Handmade Dog Collars

Scrufts Gypsy Dog Collar and Lead in Turquoise

Handmade Dog Collars

Many of you may never have thought of buying a handmade dog collar for your whiskery pal but, once you have, hopefully, you won’t ever return to the mass-produced variety.  A Scrufts handmade dog collar is individually made just for you and your chum to enjoy and show off to your Parklife crew. A lot of time and consideration go into a Scrufts handmade dog collar.

We spend an age scouring the world for the loveliest fabrics we can to make our collars as exclusive as possible.  From our luxurious homegrown Harris Tweed handmade dog collars to those made utilising salty seaside stripes. How about Swiss velvet and quirky Japanese prints, your choice is endless.

You may take several visits to our website before you make that final decision. Also fundamental to a Scrufts handmade dog collar is the quality of the hardware we use as we have our own Scrufts dogs and their safety, as well as that of your dogs, is paramount. You won’t find metal collar clasps as they just aren’t reliable.  Our black nylon collar clasps are a hi-spec American brand which have proved 100% reliable. Paired with our metal Dee rings and sliders and our super strong sewing.


Handmade Dog Collars Scrufts Tweed Dog Collars

Why choose a handmade dog collar?

Your new Scrufts handmade dog collar is as safe and secure as houses. Our chief super stitcher has nearly 60 years sewing experience and certainly knows what she’s doing!

Each and every Scrufts handmade dog collar has a central core of strong polypropylene webbing. The webbing gives extra security. Obviously, being washable is paramount for those inevitable ‘fox poo’ moments. Our handmade dog collars are happy to be dunked in a bowl of nice soapy water and dried naturally. No more being roasted in a tumble dryer.

Handmade Dog Collars Scrufts Striped Dog Collars and Leads

Our own Scrufts dogs’ collars are regularly in the sea as we are lucky enough to live on the south coast and the salty waters do fade the colours slightly, but that adds to their charm (we think anyway!).

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