It’s been snowing, Christmas dog collars may be required!

Last Saturday I was so hot walking the dogs first thing that I was down to a thin shirt and I have to admit, there was quite a lot of ladylike perspiration;  today ?  Well who would have thought that in just a week’s time I’d have been walking the dogs in a blizzard with us all kitted out in down jackets, hats, gloves and good old Equafleece coats for all five dogs.  My smallest Elmer, was a bit bemused by the snowflakes as I don’t think he’s ever encountered the white stuff before, and he was trying to catch them !  Most amusing …..I nearly slipped over I was laughing so hard … now, that would have been funny!  A happy morning’s sewing in a sunny room has ensued and I’m busily making lots and lots of Christmas dog collars for you lot who truly appreciate a well designed, nicely made, British dog collar.  Stocks of the Christmas Tree and Snowfall are running low, with Happy Feet also proving popular in both colour ways, but particularly the blue, which is a nice change !

And don’t forget my Scrufts’ Christmas themed dog bandanas are all reversible with a festive fabric on one side and a more every pattern on the other, but they all come with a copper bell for extra fun factor.  If you get fed up with the bell, then you can easily remove it once the festivities are done and dusted. I think that may be a three for the price of one … and it’s SO much nicer sitting in a cosy house ordering your Christmas presents for the dog of the house although, if you’re like me, the afternoon walk is calling … now, where are those coats, brrrrr !  Happy shopping …xx


Scrufts Happy Feet Penguin Christmas Dog CollarScrufts' Skandi Bird Christmas Dog Bandana

Scrufts' Christmas Tree Festive Dog LeadScrufts' Snowfall Limited Edition Festive Dog Collar

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