Springtime Ready Designs And A Dotty 20% Discount On All Polka Dots ( For 1 month ) at Scrufts!

Sitting at my sewing machine this morning, that old currant bun has just started to peep over the roof next door sending a warm bath of sunlight my way. The squirrels are happily munching on my selection of luxury nuts. The dogs are snoozing in a toasty sunbeam and I can see the roses beginning to shoot and the light levels are definitely UP! Perhaps I was born to love spring and all that promises and with a surname like Flowers. It can’t be ignored.  My favourite book as a child ?  Why, the Secret Garden of course. Read over and over again until the pages began to fall out of the treasured Penguin Classic. My question is, who doesn’t love a fat bud pushing through from a dormant stem with all of the promise that brings? And, you won’t be surprised to learn, a well designed floral print is my kinda gorgeous.  From a classic Liberty to a beautiful Korean fabric. My studio’s shelves are heaving with florals and my latest foray into ‘learning a new skill’ are the lovely flower buds that I am crafting and attaching to any Scrufts dog collar that winks are me!  And I am very happy to say the you lovely people seem to appreciate a pretty dog collar with a little something extra to enhance your gals’ furry features.

Fetch !

I now have three floral bud dog collars on offer, a pretty pale blue, a Skandi inspired gingham/heart  (OK, not strictly ‘floral’ but it does feature a detachable bud!) and the latest, a very zingy grassy green with a heavy accent of orange, which just happens to be my favourite colour.  There is also a range of detachable buds that will certainly spruce up an old dog collar or harness and at a reasonable £8.50 they won’t break the piggy bank, but will make you smile. Preparing Scrufts goodies for Valentine’s Day has again eluded me, but I reckon any Scrufts lovingly handmade dog collar would show your love for your whiskery chum every day of the year, not just one. Why not make a cuppa, grab a digestive and cruise the new loveliness available on the website.   My huge selection of striped dog collars are beach ready for a scamper on the sand, and from blues, reds, pinks, greens and shades in between there’s a Scrufts’ stripey number for everydoggie. Spring doesn’t preclude your chap or chappess sporting a Scrufts Tweed Dog Collar as I have beautifully vibrant shades from sunny yellow through to sea blues and it’s a brilliantly hardwearing fabric as well which, together with my lux trademark velvet lining, makes for a zingy seasonal addition to your dogs’ wardrobes. Fetch ! My Scrufts polka dots are also a fabulous way to bring spring into the house and there are so many colourful variants. There’s turquoise/pink, orange/emerald, chocolate/turquoise, blush pink/chocolate. To make them super special there is a Scrufts discount code for 20% running for a month using Spot20, so double fetch !

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