I’m sure you all recall my last blog post back in December when I’d just lost the best brown girl in the world, my mad, bad Frankie Flowers …. it was a horrid time, but then I had a message … one of my Sussex Spaniel community messaged to let me know that her handsome Max had sired a litter by Miss Audrey and they’d been born on, yes you may have guessed it, the 3rd of December.  The very day that Frankie flew away … she left that thought in my head.  Now, being a woman of a certain age, I initially discounted the idea of a new puppy.  At 63 could I really give her the full life she deserved ?  Blimey, when she’d be ten I’d be – arghhh! – 73 …. but I gave myself a bit of a talking to and spoke to Audrey’s breeder who reassured me that young Florrie, as I’d already decided she’d be called, could be returned to her should anything untoward happen to yours truly.  Job done then, signed, sealed, delivered, Miss Orange Florrie, was scooped up from deepest, dampest Dorset at the end of January.  Oh, how I’d forgotten what a puppy is like in terms of hoovering up enormous tracts of time.  Trying to work?  Forget that … when she’s awake she’s a happy, yappy, nippy demanding ‘play with me’ ‘play with me’ ball of brown (there she goes now behind me as I write, yipping away !).  She has a low boredom threshold.  I may have to teach her to read, or do jigsaws, or knit !  Teeth like needles, a bladder the size of an eggcup – buy shares in kitchen roll!

The other dogs are still doing the ‘if I can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist’ thing, looking away whenever she tries to engage … it’s quite amusing if it didn’t pull at your heartstrings … poor gal!

Anyways, here she is in all her brown fuzziness … lovely ain’t she … jut off to mop up another puddle of widdle:))

Miss Floribunda Bojangles