There must be happy juggling rabbits somewhere …

… as today we have lost four, yes count them, four borlies!!  I ask you, who’d have profligate jack russell terriers, who have eyes for rabbits, but not where they drop their balls.  Most afternoons my ‘conversation’ consists of ‘where’s the borlie then?’, or ‘who’s got the borlie?’, followed by me yelling ‘you little s*****, that’s your week’s pocket money gone in ONE DAY!’ .  I’m sure you feel my pain.  However, when Mitch comes across a random borlie (not ours) nestled in a bramble bush, then I feel there is some serendipity in the world of borlie equilibrium.

So, today our walk on Southwick Hill was golden as they have been for days now.  But it’s surely got to get  cold, wet, windy, chilly, frosty and I thought you’d like to know that I’m about to launch my very first hand knits for your pals.  They range from dinky for your chilly daxi, through to double dinky for your shivery terriers and up to medium and large for bigger hounds.  Knitted in pure British Wool (huzzah!) the smaller versions are made using Arran weight and the larger in Chunky.  You can either whip them yourselves in an evening as you’ll be able to buy the pattern and wool, or commission the knitting elves here at Scrufts’ central to make them for you.  Miss Margaretta the Frenchie is wearing the larger size and Mitch and Elmer the smaller.  They’re cleverly designed so you can still clip your lead onto a collar underneath, so they sit nice and comfy.  You do know that these are going to raise smiles wherever you go don’t you??   I am going to draw the line at hats tho !

Scrufts' Handknits - The JesterScrufts' Handknits - The Jester

Well I’d better get on with it then hadn’t I !!  Here’s to a chilly, frosty, sparkly winter 🙂

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