Floral Dog Collars & Leads

Scrufts Tilly Green Floral Dog Collar and Lead with Pink Velvet Lining

Floral Dog Collars & Leads, what’s it all about?

What a glorious start to our British spring weather. It could be time to treat your whiskery chum to a Scrufts Floral Dog Collar and Lead. Make walkies a really sunny event.  Florals are one of the fabrics that we love to source.The colours and designs are so broad. Lots from funky mid-century moderns to the more classic Liberty and vintage inspired prints.

This year we are concentrating on some unique to Scrufts mis-matched Floral Dog Collars and Leads. It’s a lovely challenge to find complementary colours and designs that look great together.  For instance, the new Tilly Floral Dog Collar and Lead. This is a fabulous mis-match using a Scandinavian fabric in shades of soft greens and a delicate blossom pink, with a luscious bright pink Swiss velvet lining.

Perfect mis-match Floral Dog Collars & Lead…..

It’s only been available for a few days and is already proving a firm favourite with Scrufts regular customers.   Of course, you can also pair a Scrufts Floral Dog Collar with one of our lux Swiss velvet dog leads. This has alternative mis-match as in the Petal Floral Dog Collar with Sugar Pink Velvet Dog Lead.  There’s a Dog Bow Tie available in the same floral print which is called Cherry Blossom. It’s a pawfect dog collar for a ring bearer at your wedding or civil partnership.

Scrufts Tilly Green Floral Dog Collar with Pink Velvet Lining

Floral Dog Collar

Colour is a really important factor in choosing just the right fabric for Scrufts Floral Dog Collars and Leads and we favour punchy brights and pastels that pair beautifully with our Swiss velvet used for lining our dog collars and the inner grips of our dog leads. The originator of the velvet lined collars was here at Scrufts and, ten years on, we have dressed the necks of thousands of happy hounds and hope to dress thousands more in the future.

Of course, any fabric for a floral dog collar needs to be robust and washable and you can be assured that both are the case with a Scrufts product.

On a different note, if you’re looking for a natural diet for your whiskery friend then I met these lovely people called Trumbles.  Trumbles as they say was created to provide a natural and balanced diet for their dogs and is 100% natural with grain-free and wheat gluten free ranges so it’s not only nutritious and delicious it’s perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs too. Here’s a link https://trumbles.net

2 thoughts on “Floral Dog Collars & Leads

  1. Zoe Raynor says:

    Just received our Labrador pup Biffys new collar and lead after only ordering two days ago. One word, beautiful.
    Attention to detail and quality is second to none, thank you so much for such a great quality product.

    Biffy wears it well

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